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Technique Series: 1. Starting at the beginning

The development of technique starts at the very beginning - quite literally.

It is important to be aware of correct hand position, posture and arm movements all the time as these help to build the foundation for good technique.

Two tips shared in this video are:

1. Be aware of two semi-circles: the first one is the knuckle-bridge (which gives one’s hand rounded shape). The collapse of knuckles usually leads to a lot of tension in the palm of a hand. The second is the semi-circle of fingers on the keys. Beginners quite often place all fingers on the edge of the keys which yet again creates a lot of tension. To correct this, fingers 2,3,4 should be positioned closer to the black keys.

2. Be aware of elbows’ position - if they are too close to the body (often a result of playing in the middle C position for too long), it can restrict rapid movements of the arm when developing intermediate and advanced technique.

Ilga Pitkevica, Principal Tutor of The Piano Teachers' Course UK

Ilga lectures extensively around the UK and Latvia on piano teaching, and on the history and teaching methods of the Russian Piano School, on which her own rigourous training was based. She also often organises masterclasses and concerts in Cambridge. These have included the annual Cambridge Piano Weekends, organised jointly with Gonville and Caius College for several years.

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