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The Piano Teachers' Course UK

15 years of leading professional development for piano teachers worldwide

Student Testimonials
Comments from our students

"As always I find the Cert PTC so full and informative. Personally there are times when I feel I am pushing my boundaries in the learning process but it is all absolutely excellent. I find that with each challenge comes the support and encouragement from everyone, tutors and fellow students alike to make it to the next deadline.


So thank you again, I am so glad to have stumbled across this course those months ago. And what's more an excellent agent to see us through the lockdown."

“I highly recommend the course for anyone who teaches the piano, however long they’ve been teaching, as the content is brilliant for learning how to teach today’s students – much better than the dry and dusty way the piano used to be taught!”


“The PTC has given me the confidence to perform again after 15 years!”

"The friendliness and mutual support of the other students was astonishing: I had thought I was the only one with insecurities, and worried about fitting in. So it was good to realise that we all had insecurities - whatever our level (some had Diplomas and others had done Grade 8 20 years ago!), and we all provided each other with the support we needed."

Smiling at the piano1a.jpg

"It transformed my teaching and my performing, inspired me to continue with professional development and was hugely confidence boosting."

"[The PTC Teaching Diploma Course] has given me more confidence in teaching intermediate and advanced repertoire, as well as clear guidance on teaching technique at this level, so that I now feel excited, rather than worried, about teaching at this level."

"The tutors are all unfailing in their encouragement and there’s an utterly supportive atmosphere. All of them are approachable, accepting each of us at our own level (there is a very wide range of ability) and helping us move ahead, deciding on our own teaching and performing goals and helping us develop and grow."

2020-21 PTC Students remotely  perform Handel's Hallelujah Chorus for 8 hands

The PTC UK is specifically for pianists and piano teachers who wish to enhance their professional teaching skills, come together for inspiration and become part of a motivated, supportive and co-creative musical network. It is also the ideal pathway to boosting your new career as a piano teacher, equipping you with the skills and confidence to start growing your teaching practice immediately.


Hallelujah Chorus
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