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PTC Online

PTC Online brings you easy-to-follow video tutorials and exclusive downloadable content from expert tutors Lucinda Mackworth-Young, Graham Fitch, Sally Cathcart, Ilga Pitkevica, Masayuki Tayama and Beate Toyka.

It has been developed in partnership with the Practising the Piano Online Academy.

The tutorials bring you world-class guidance and handy teaching tips to view, download and use at your convenience!


Foundations of Good Technique - Ilga Pitkevica - £9.99   (More info | Buy)

Teaching Beginners - Sally Cathcart - £9.99   (More info | Buy)

Making Progress with Beginners - Ilga Pitkevica - £9.99   (More info | Buy)

The Practice Tools Lecture Series - Graham Fitch - £14.99   (More info | Preview | Buy)

Anyone Can Improvise! - Lucinda Mackworth-Young - £9.99   (More info | Preview | Buy)

Practical Psychology for Teaching and Learning - including performing

Lucinda Mackworth-Young - £9.99   (More info | Buy)

Piano Technique Lecture Series - Graham Fitch - £14.99   (More info | Preview | Buy)

Playing Together - Etiquette and Tips for Duet Playing

Beate Toyka and Masayuki Tayama - £9.99   (More info | Preview | Buy)

PTC Online - Complete Bundle - £59.99   (More info | Buy)

More content coming soon!

Certificate of Completion

Should you wish to have a Certificate of Completion to add to your professional portfolio, please download and fill out the application form below.


Once your application and remittance (£9.99 per module) have been received, we will respond to you by email.

Sample Certificate

PTC Online Application Form for Certificate of Completion

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