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Continuing Professional Development Workshops for piano teachers and amateur piano players

Sessions will resume from April 2022, and the full timetable will be released shortly.

Continuing Professional Development workshops are offered by The Piano Teachers' Course UK to all PTC alumni and other pianists and piano teachers interested in developing their skills. We also welcome amateur pianists looking to hone their skills and gain handy tips and information to boost their knowledge and confidence.

There is no minimum requirements for these sessions.

You also have the option of booking a private consultation and/or lesson with an available tutor. Lessons are £75 per hour or £50 for 40 minutes.

We can offer accommodation on the nights indicated on the booking form. £60 per night for dinner/bed/breakfast.

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Upcoming Workshops (2020 cancelled)

EXAMPLE: Full 2019-20 timetable with all sessions available

Friday 23rd October 2020: Teaching Beginners

08:45-17:15 (Full day)

Saturday 24th October 2020: Thinking Outside the Box

08:45-17:30 (Full day)

Sunday 25th October 2020: The Principles of Piano Technique

08:45-16:15 (Full day)

Saturday 20th February 2021: Exams or Not?​

08:45-17:00 (Full day)

Should your students sit piano exams? Some want to, others aren't able to, some just want to play pop music…

Today’s lectures will help you discover not just how to use exams wisely, but also how to ensure students with special needs are included in your studio. Then you will have the opportunity to learn about the different exam types and syllabi, from traditional piano to rock and pop exams.

Sunday 21st February 2021: What is the 'Russian School'?​

08:45-14:00 (Half day)

Although the so called "Russian Piano School" is quite legendary for training the world's most excellent pianists, it is not very well known how this level of teaching and performing is achieved. Ilga Pitkevica will be giving two lectures to uncover some the approaches used by this method.

Sunday 21st February 2021: Musicianship for Piano Teachers

08:00-16:15 (Full day)

Learn how to integrate aural training and sight-reading with the teaching of pieces, to help your students develop strong all-round musicianship skills.

 - With a bonus lecture on the psychology of performing.

Friday 2nd April 2021: Post-Grade 8 Performance Preparation and Practice

09:00-18:00 (Full day)

This is the ideal opportunity for you to try out your post-Grade 8 Performance Programme (or single piece) with guidance and helpful hints from our expert PTC tutors.

Saturday 3rd April 2021: The Practice Tools, presented by Graham Fitch

09:00-15:30 or 17:30 (Full day)

What happens in the practice room between lessons is, of course, hugely important in the development of the piano student. In this workshop, you will learn not just a range of tried and tested practice techniques which are indispensable when learning new pieces solidly and reliably but also the methodology for building up speed, correcting errors and memorising.

You are invited to stay for a bonus lecture at 16:00 on Style and Technique in the 20th Century and Contemporary Period.

Sunday 4th April 2021: Style and Texture from Baroque to Jazz

08:45-16:45 (Full day)

Learn explain how to introduce Style and Texture in the Early Stages from Ilga Pitkevica: a step-by-step process of teaching the stylistic and textural features of Baroque, Classical and Romantic periods to beginners and intermediate level pupils. Advanced level pieces will be included, if requested.

Please bring along your own repertoire should you wish.

After a "musical moment" performed by guest tutor Nikki Iles, Nikki will present an Introduction to Jazz.

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Post G8 performance workshop Rachel
  • £120 per day / £70 per half day, including meals and refreshments

  • Book 3 full days and pay just £100 per day

  • £100 per day / £65 per half day for PTC Alumni and ISM Members

  • Accommodation £60 per night including dinner/bed/breakfast

  • Payment accepted by PayPal (including credit card) or bank transfer

In addition:

  • Receive £100 off your PTC 2020-21 fee after attending a CPD or Taster Day in 2019-20