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Teaching LTCL

We are excited to announce a new course structured towards gaining your Teaching LTCL, beginning in January 2022.

If you are an experienced teacher and are looking for something to further your qualifications, this may be the course for you.

This online course enables you to prepare for the LTCL, an accredited Level 6 qualification from Trinity College London.

  • Bespoke, one-to-one coaching with highly experienced tutor, Sharon Mark-Teggart

  • Structured learning pathway to help you prepare for every aspect of the LTCL

  • Verbal and written feedback provided on assignments

  • Access to a peer group of piano teachers who are preparing for the LTCL

  • Access to relevant PTC lectures throughout the course

If you have not taken the Cert PTC or PTC ABRSM Teaching Diploma Course, you will be required to begin the LTCL Course from September 2021 rather than January 2022. Further details below.

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Course Dates: 2022-23

The LTCL course begins in January 2022 and finishes in July 2023.


During this period, students will receive 25 hours’ of individual/small group tutorials evenly spread throughout the eighteen month period.

You will also receive a mock exam to ensure they reach the required standard before entering for the formal exam.

If you have not attended the Cert PTC or PTC ABRSM Teaching Diploma Course, you will be required to attend course days in September - November 2021. Otherwise, your course will begin in January 2022. We recommend you attend the September 2021 and October 2021 course days in person at the Purcell School near London, if possible.

For those who haven't attended the Cert PTC or PTC ABRSM Teaching Diploma Course (group course days)

Sunday 26th September 2021 - In person

Thursday 28th - Sunday 31st October 2021 - In person (residential)

Sunday 21st November 2021 - Online

For everyone (individual online tutorials)

Sep 2022 - x2 60-minute sessions
Oct 2022 - x2 60-minute sessions
Nov 2022 - x2 60-minute sessions
Dec 2022 - x1 60-minute session
Jan 2023 - x2 60-minute sessions
Feb 2023 - x2 60-minute sessions
Mar 2023 - x2 60-minute sessions
Apr 2023 - x1 60-minute session
May 2023 - x2 60-minute sessions
Jun 2023 - x2 60-minute sessions
Jul 2023 - x2 60-minute sessions
Aug 2023 - x1 60-minute session
Sep 2023 - x2 60-minute sessions
Oct 2023 - x2 60-minute sessions
Nov 2023 - Mock exam

This course is entirely online. Course students will have regular one-to-one online coaching sessions with the Sharon Mark-Teggart (LTCL Course Tutor) via Zoom.

A regular day/time slot for each student will be mutually agreed by the student and tutor before the course commences (e.g. Monday at 9-10am) and a complete schedule of dates will be issued.

Any missed coaching sessions will not be rescheduled.


In order to take this course, you need:


  • Grade 8 piano or an alternative pre-requisite (see page 7 of the Diplomas in Music Teaching syllabus)

  • At least 2+ years’ experience teaching up to Grade 6 level
    If you don’t have this experience, you can request a complimentary session with LTCL tutor to establish whether you have alternative experience or skills that make you eligible for this course

During the course, you will:
  • Be guided through the elements of the qualification in a step-by-step process with regular advice, support and feedback from your tutor Sharon Mark-Teggart

  • Have the opportunity to develop your communication and presentation skills with fellow students

  • Work in a supportive environment

  • Receive feedback on written and video assignments

  • Take a mock LTCL (Teaching) exam and receive feedback

  • Have access to relevant PTC lectures from other courses to enrich your learning

  • Be coached by our expert tutor, Sharon Mark-Teggart, Co-Founder of The Curious Piano Teachers who has coached multiple piano teachers who have gained their LTCL (Teaching) Diplomas with distinction

Sharon will help and guide you through the process, and advise you on readiness, yet it is your responsibility to enter yourself and pay for your own LTCL exam with Trinity.

Course Content - The Teaching LTCL

The following will be covered during the course. However, in addition we strongly recommend all students to take piano lessons from a teacher who is experienced in preparing students for Diplomas in performance. All PTC Tutors can offer such lessons, as required.

UNIT 1 | Written Submissions

a. Statement of personal teaching philosophy (500 words)
Write a reflective piece on your own personal teaching philosophy, against which you measure both your own achievement and that of your pupils. You should provide a rationale for your philosophy and reference any external influences that have impacted on it.

b. Case studies of teaching experience (5,000 words)
Provide written evidence of your own teaching practice. The case studies should cover three pupils or groups of pupils, at different stages of learning, that you have taught for at least three months before starting the case study. Total contact time should be not less than 20 hours.

c. Peer observation (1,500 words)
Observe another piano teacher at work and have that teacher observe you.

d. Original teaching resources (1,000 words)
You will design three original teaching resources, one for each of the case study pupils, or groups of pupils. For example, a practical exercise or game. Each resource will be accompanied by a short description indicating your rationale for developing it, its purpose, appropriate activities for using it and any suggestions for further development.

Assessment objectives for Unit 1
By the end of the course, you should be able to satisfy the following assessment objectives:

  • A professional knowledge and understanding of a substantial range of effective teaching strategies which you can draw upon when handling complex and unpredictable situations

  • Considerable personal research in the field, responding to issues arising from substantial experience and proposing original solutions that reflect a developing personal philosophy

  • The ability to critically reflect on your own practice and that of others

UNIT 2 | Practical Exam

a. Demonstration lesson (30 minutes)
You will give a 30 minute lesson with your own pupil (at least Grade 3 level). This will be supported by a lesson plan with clear statements of the desired outcomes. The lesson must be balanced and should typically show attention to the following areas: posture and body use, technique, musicianship, encouragement of pupils’ own self-evaluation skills, expression and imaginative engagement, etc.

b. Initiative test of teaching skills (10 minutes)
The examiner will give you one or more pieces of repertoire drawn from the current Trinity piano syllabus, drawn from different grade levels from the case study pupils. You have up to 1 minute to look through it, during which you may play sections if you wish, noting any areas of technical or musical interest. You will be asked to describe these to the examiner, and then you will proceed to outline a series of activities that you might use to work on these elements in the context of a lesson.

c. Viva voce (20 minutes)
The examiner will initiate a discussion with you focusing first upon issues arising from the demonstration lesson and the initiative test, inviting you to elaborate further on some issues and encouraging you to reflect upon ways in which you might approach things differently in different contexts. The discussion will include the materials submitted for Unit 1 and then broaden out to issues of piano teaching in general.

Assessment objectives for Unit 2
By the end of the course you should be able to satisfy the following assessment objectives:


  • Knowledge and understanding of musical concepts and piano techniques suitable for individual or small groups from beginners to advanced level

  • Knowledge and understanding of effective teaching techniques, repertoire and activities applicable to a wide range of contexts

  • Awareness of the teacher/pupil relationship, drawing on a high level of judgement in critical situations

  • The ability to communicate and present ideas clearly, adapting materials and modes of delivery to suit individual learning needs and adapting quickly to the dynamic learning environment

  • A thorough understanding of relevant legislation, professional values and own career development opportunities

How to Apply

This course will start in January 2022.

Contact the Administrator, Rhiana (, if you would like to:


  • Book a complimentary consultation (Zoom) with our LTCL Tutor, Sharon Mark-Teggart, to ask questions and find out more

  • Apply for the course


Acceptance to the course is by application only. You will be required to send a video of your teaching and a short paragraph about one area of your teaching that you have been reflecting on recently (500 words max.) You will also need to provide two references with your application.

Course Dates
How to apply
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