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Teaching DipABRSM

The Teaching DipABRSM is a natural follow-on from the Cert PTC, and a pre-requisite for the LRSM.

Those who gained their Cert PTC in 2014 or later have already gained a Pass for the ABRSM Section 2.1 Written Submission.

Most PTC DipABRSM students will have attained their Cert PTC before enrolling on the PTC DipABRSM course. However, if you do not have your Cert PTC but are an experienced teacher with strong sight-reading skills, please feel free to contact the Administrator, Rhiana Henderson ( / 07833 687473), to discuss whether the course would be suitable for you.

If you live overseas and are unable to attend the course in person, please get in touch with us using the Contact Form to discuss your options for taking the course online.

Course Dates: 2020-21

We are able and prepared to deliver the course online if required in 2020-21.

Saturday 26th September 2020 (recommended in person)

Thursday 22nd October - Sunday 25th October (in person)

Sunday 22nd November (online)

Sunday 24th January 2021 (online)

Saturday 20th - Sunday 21st February (in person)

Thursday 8th - Sunday 11th April (in person)

Sunday 30th May (online)

Sunday 20th June (recommended in person)

September 2021 - Awards Ceremony

  • Grade 8 piano or permitted substitution

  • ABRSM Grade 6 Theory / ABRSM Grade 6 Practical Musicianship, or permitted substitution

For help with your Grade 6 theory, we recommend Victoria Williams, at

See page 22 of the ABRSM Teaching Diploma Syllabus for permitted substitutions.

Course Content - The Teaching DipABRSM

The following will be covered during the course, but in addition, we strongly recommend all students take piano lessons from a teacher who is experienced in preparing students for diplomas in performance. All PTC Tutors can offer such lessons, as required.

Section 1: Teaching Skills Viva Voce

Section 2.1: Written Submission

Section 2.2: Quick Study

Candidates must achieve at least Pass in all three sections.

Section 1: Teaching Skills Viva Voce – 60% of the total marks

You must demonstrate your understanding of the principles of piano teaching, and of a variety of teaching approaches and strategies. You must be familiar with, and bring to the exam, a wide variety of teaching materials, some of which will be the graded ABRSM syllabus up to and including Grade 6. You must also be prepared to perform extracts and demonstrate teaching and learning issues from at least three current Grade 6 pieces.

Topics for discussion will include Musical Outlook, Technique, Pedagogy, Your Written Submission, Repertoire, Style and Interpretation, History and Background of the Piano and Professional Values and Practices.

Section 2.1: Written Submission – 25% of the total marks

Those who gained their Cert PTC in 2014 or later have already gained a Pass for this section of the exam. However, should you wish to achieve more than a Pass, you can select a topic from a number of titles which we have shortlisted from the ABRSM’s list, and write 1,800 words (plus or minus 10%), with PTC guidance.

Section 2.2: Quick Study – 15% of the total marks

You have five minutes to look at a new piece of Grade 5-6 in standard, and then play it well enough for pupils to be able to grasp it, and decide whether or not they want to learn it.

How will the PTC UK help you gain your Teaching DipABRSM?

Through attending the PTC Teaching DipABRSM Course, you will:

  • Be assigned a tutor and tutor group to focus specifically on the Teaching DipABRSM requirements

  • Have the opportunity to take a mock Teaching DipABRSM exam and receive feedback

  • Attend relevant PTC lectures

The PTC Teaching DipABRSM Course lasts for one academic year from September to June. Most students will then be ready to take the exam in July, but you can opt to take it later depending on the advice of your tutor and your own feeling of readiness. It is your responsibility to enter yourself and pay for your exam.


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