PTC 2013-14

The PTC UK Class of 2013-14 was 26 strong. This is what they have to say…

“Thank you ALL so much for such an inspiring course.  I cannot speak more highly of you all, and the course!  I have gained so much more than I ever imagined I would.  Your kind and nurturing style throughout the course has helped me to grow as a teacher and a pianist (and taken care of the terrible nerves I had prior to the first PTC weekend!)”  Wendy

“Thank you for a wonderful year of transformation!  I’ve enjoyed every aspect of it, however nerve-wracking!” Clare

PTC 2013-14“My confidence was very low when I started this course and I was very nervous about how I would fit in. However, It is structured in such a way that students are nurtured throughout and learn through their own practical experiences – an approach which I have found to be invaluable. I have learnt so much and am now far more confident both as a teacher and as a performer. In addition I have made new friends and as a group we continue to provide a support network for each other. I am just so pleased that I dared to take that first step.” Yvonne

 “I’ve rediscovered the absolute joy of learning a piece so thoroughly that it feels like it is coming from within me, and I’m getting closer to enjoying performance as an opportunity to share something that I LOVE – rather than dreading it! I’ve stopped thinking of myself as someone who is ‘not creative’ and have enjoyed experimenting with improvisation and felt this has started to give a new dimension to my playing and how I feel when I play. I’ve started to think of myself as my own piano teacher, with the ability to find my own solutions and seek advice from the right people when needed, and am starting to trust my own judgement about how to play pieces.” Jess














“I have just completed The PTC 2013-14 and emerge a different person and teacher: more confident all round, more professional in outlook and with fresh insights into the experience of teaching and learning.
PTC 2013-14 Duet RecitalThe course was well-structured, with great thought going into the assignments and excellent input from visiting tutors.  It was well-administered, with participants receiving great support from all the principal tutors.  Above all, it provided real opportunities for self-reflection and personal growth.  Because the course is at heart experiential, participants are led to identify their own development goals and do their own, individual learning, which they can build on for the future.  The tutors modelled best practice throughout and created a safe, supportive environment for us to explore our musical thinking and develop our own playing.  It was definitely hard work and represented much more than a purely financial investment.  However, it was money very well spent for meaningful and relevant professional development.
I have come away enthused about teaching the piano and music; excited about resuming piano lessons for myself; and confident about undertaking future professional development.  I cannot recommend the Piano Teachers’ Course highly enough.” Philippa

PTC 2013-14 Dance for Musicians“I was concerned if I was up to scratch academically and in a playing sense. On reflection I am so pleased to have completed the course, and to have risen to the challenge! It has been hard work, especially after such a long break from studying, but I feel that it has really affirmed my career move forwards and given me a new lease of life personally. I feel well-equipped to continue teaching now and have regained a real enthusiasm for playing. I can’t praise the tutors highly enough for their expert guidance through the course work. I pretty much knew what was being asked of me each step of the way, and felt that there was always encouragement and affirmation on offer.” Jenny

 “Having completed the Piano Teachers Course last year I just felt I needed to take the time to say a Big Thank You again to all of the tutors/administrator for everything it has given me. It’s not just about how totally inspiring the course is but about all of the knowledge gained, the confidence building, improving my own playing, performance skills, and new friends made. It’s also the knock on affect that happens during the course and afterwards, networking with people, finding new resources, reading articles, continued professional development, the list is endless. Every day changes are being made, no matter how small, and my teaching improves. I used to teach from home all alone, questioning whether I was good enough and constantly doubting myself. Now I teach from home but I do not feel alone, and my confidence grows all the time. Thank you!! Samantha

The course continues to “keep on giving” in more ways than I had anticipated. Having a network of other piano teachers who have been on the course and now all support each other has made a ‘solo’ profession in to a vessel of sorts, where we are all moving forward with support, ideas, inspiration and information that otherwise wouldn’t be there.
The strong advice I was given, to go back to lessons, has changed my piano playing life!  I was so scared of feeling so exposed at lessons, which was really because I knew I didn’t play the piano as well as I wanted to.  My playing now has so much more depth to it and I am lucky enough to have a teacher who brings a ‘lifting it off the page’ experience to each piece.
Thank you. The course remains the best thing I have ever done. Wendy





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