Testimonials from former students

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I’ve been thinking gratefully of you and how you started me off on my journey, learning to improvise”

“Highly stimulating, reassuring and fun!”

“Wonderful, inspirational lecturers – great role models!”

“The tremendous kindness, interest and support you all showed us is unparalleled in my experience of workshops and courses!”

PTC 2012-13

“Excellent course … completely fulfilled my expectations”

“Opened my eyes … gave me lots to think about!”

“Exciting … clear, concise and comforting!”

“Now I can see how rewarding and fulfilling piano teaching can be, and with such a fine community of professionals! “

“I have taught the piano for 16 years and was lacking direction. Now, thanks to The Piano Teachers’ Course, I’m full of ideas and looking forward to the next few decades of teaching”

“I am happier, more focused and more enthusiastic about my teaching than I have ever been”

PTC 2012-13

“I look forward to the PTC weekends – the chance to chat to, perform with and laugh with other piano teachers is uplifting and inspiring”

“I found the Open Day I came on extremely useful and informative – even that one day inspired me to enrol. I’m enthused about my future piano teaching thanks to joining the course” Jo

“The course is really great for improving your confidence as a piano teacher; refreshes any skills you already have and breaks through boundaries with new ideas in teaching, to inspire your pupils!Tessa

“The course has provided un-dreamt of benefits. I never imagined, after a life-time of being quite pathetic at it, that I would be playing gaily from memory. No stopping me now!” Jane

PTC 2012-13

“I learned lots of useful snippets over the course, but for me the most significant things were gaining confidence as a performer, being inspired (and enabled) to use improvisation and playing by ear in my lessons – and the importance of being able to play from memory”. Sally

“Adding the letters Cert PTC to my qualifications has enabled me to promote my teaching with greater confidence, as it represents the broad wealth of knowledge and inspirational ideas that I have been privileged to receive from so many highly respected professionals”. Louise

“I did the PTC course five years ago. I would highly recommend it as it is very practical, and you get the opportunity to discuss lots of topics on both teaching and performing. It makes you think about how you approach teaching, why you do what you do, as well as giving lots of ideas about doing things in different ways!”

PTC 2012-13

“I did the PTC course recently and loved it. The tutors on the course are wonderful and so helpful when you need advice & support – it was absolutely brilliant”

“It is by far the best and most practical qualification I have ever done. I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone”

“I came on the course to learn how to develop skills and confidence in my ability to teach, as well as gain new ideas. If I’m really honest I was quite nervous about the first weekend, but I have to say the Tutor Team made me feel at ease during the first session. It was also reassuring to know many others were feeling the same. I came back from the first weekend buzzing with excitement and fresh ideas – plus a new-found confidence! I’ve found the practical workshops and seminars really beneficial and have been able to start putting some ideas into practice straight away”. 



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