Module B Timetable: 2016-17

Third Weekend

Friday 7th April

Sing, then Play – Lucinda Mackworth-Young

Grade 1-3 Performance Assignment Practice – in Tutor Groups

Classical Technical and Stylistic Considerations – Roshan Magub

Musical MomentHeli Ignatius-Fleet

Grade 6-8 Performance Assignment Discussion – in Tutor Groups


Saturday 8th April – 3rd Open Day

Sing, then Play – Sally Cathcart

Using exams wisely – the pros & cons – Sally Cathcart

Which Exam Board?  – Lucinda Mackworth-Young

Romantic Technical and Stylistic Considerations – Graham Fitch

Musical Moment – Graham Fitch

Advanced Technique – Heli Ignatius-Fleet

Improvisation and Playing by Ear Lucinda Mackworth-Young

Advanced Repertoire – Roshan Magub and Graham Fitch

Private Practice / Rehearsals

Performing in a Safe Circle – Grade 1-3 piece


Sunday 9th April – 4th Open Day

Sing, then Play – Lucinda Mackworth-Young

Introducing The  Grade 6-8 Performance Assignment – Heli Ignatius-Fleet

Impressionist Technical and Stylistic Considerations  – Ilga Pitkevica

Musical Moment – Roshan Magub

Dance for Musicians Lucinda Mackworth-Young

20th Century Technical and Stylistic Considerations – Ilga Pitkevica

Sing, Then Play – Tutor Groups


Monday 10th April – 5th Open Day

Sing, then Play – Tutor Groups

Teaching Assignments updateTutor Groups

Mind Mapping and Memorisation – Heli Ignatius-Fleet

Teaching Assignments updateTutor Groups


Single Study Day

Sunday 28th May – 6th Open Day

Sing, then Play – Sally Cathcart

Safe Circle Practice Performance – in Tutor Groups

Performance Workshop, quadruple session – Roshan Magub, Ilga Pitkevica, Heli Ignatius-Fleet and Graham Fitch

Jazz Improvisation – Simon Colam


Final Course Day

Sunday 25th June

Sing, then Play – Favourites

Organisation and Briefing for Concert – Lucinda Mackworth-Young

Pre-Concert Warm Up –  Sally Cathcart and Heli Ignatius-Fleet

The Course Concert

Discussion, Sharing and Completing of Performance Preparation Assignment

Wrap up! – The Tutors


The Graduation Ceremony – Presenting the Cert PTC Certificates

Sunday 24th September 2017






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