Our Guiding Principles


In Teaching, Teachers should endeavour to

  • Ensure meaningful musical experiences
  • Establish musical concepts
  • Develop pianistic skills
  • Create a positive atmosphere

Ensuring Meaningful Musical Experiences

Pupils should be given the opportunity to:

  • experience and express musical ideas through listening and playing
  • use their creativity, imagination and intuition when working from scores and when improvising
  • have music making and musical communication at the heart of their learning

Establishing Musical Concepts

Pupils should be guided to:

  • have a clear aural perception of the music to be played
  • recognise and discriminate between the musical elements of pulse, rhythm, pitch, melody, harmony, tonality, tempo, dynamics, texture and tone colour
  • analyse and convey the structural elements: Key, number of sections and how they relate to each other, harmony in broad terms relating to the sections, thematic material, climaxes, any particular musical features and the overall form.

Developing Pianistic Skills

Pupils should be given the opportunity to develop:

  • aural and visual understanding of the whole keyboard
  • physical ease, good posture, free and coordinated movement, independence of hands and fingers
  • a sense of style and interpretation, using a wide range of tonal colour and appropriate pedalling

Creating a Positive Atmosphere

As appropriate for each individual pupil, teachers should:

  • have a welcoming and professionally organised teaching room
  • understand pupils, and manage their behaviour, so that they engage and enjoy learning
  • plan and teach well-structured lessons that include a range of activities, approaches and resources
  • have good subject and curriculum knowledge, and communicate it appropriately, with warmth and enthusiasm
  • devise and teach effective practising strategies





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