Apply for The Piano Teachers’ Course UK 2020-21

10% early bird discount available*! Discount will be automatically applied to your invoice after you apply.

*Discount valid until 31st May 2020.

Please contact Lucinda Mackworth-Young or Rhiana Henderson if you have any questions, or any difficulties with the form below. Rhiana will send you one by email to fill out.

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The full course, including accommodation and meals is £2,750. Please complete the boxes below, including any discounts you are eligible for.

  Course Fee £2,750
£275 (10%) Early Bird discount - if deposit paid by 31st May 2020 less
£100 Open Day discount - if attended.
Date attended:

Choose a Payment Option

Option A (Payment in full)                         Option B (Payment by instalment)

Option A (Payment in full)

  • Non-refundable deposit with application of £275 with early bird discount (by May 31st)
  • Balance in full by 18th September 2020
Option B (Payment by instalment)

  • Non-refundable deposit with application of £275 with early bird discount (by May 31st)
  • 1st instalment due 18th September 2020: £750
  • 2nd instalment due 31st January 2021: £750
  • 3rd instalment due 31st March 2021: the balance

Agree Terms

  • I agree to abide by the terms and conditions of my Payment Option Plan
  • I will email a scanned copy of my Grade 8 piano, or higher, certificate to the PTC Administrator
  • A payment of the non-refundable deposit of £275 will be required after this form is submitted, to secure your place on the course

How do you wish to pay the deposit?

PayPalDirect Bank Transfer

I agree to the terms and conditions

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